A decentralized blockchain stream, blog and contract platform. Slapstick is a anonymous decentralized peer-to-peer online site where people can use blockchain to notarize messages, documents and forms. SlapStick provides real world pratical blockchain solutions. Messages, smart contracts or forms are signed by the key owner and can not be modified. Each data stream could only have been created by the signing party. Partners can own network nodes, contribute to development or make decisions on how the content is broadcasted. Depending on partner needs data streams can be viewed publicly or kept private. In return partners can also be compensated for their contributions.

Our development team is part of the “Decentralize Everything” movement. Currently our platform allows participants to post messages using blockchain and without using a central server.  We have provided a working example of how blockchain can be used to handle data and sign documents and then viewed publicly. 

So why decentralize this? Well for one there is pretty much no way to shut down the platform especially when people post data the data is forever in a blockchain. Does not matter what government, hacker, electric grid tries to shut it down the data will still be here and never go away. No one can change, delete or modify the content. The inherent technology of blockchain encrypts every message making the entire database immutable.

Identity is represented as a blockchain address which is initially anonymous. Clients who use the system for notary purposes can choose to tie identities to every account. Some can remain anonymous others will want the community to know who is signing messages.


New sign ups are currently by invite only. If you have a specific application for our software you must contact SlapStick to discuss your application. The first few months new sign ups will receive free tokens which allows completely free use of our software, then tokens will be offered for sale. Users can manage all account features using Site Map.

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Free tokens will be awarded with each new account. No scams, no vaporware, no nonsense just a fun and real software platform based on blockchain. We are not selling assets and our tokens are for blockchain purposes only. Some users may want to sell their tokens to potential advertisers who will want to join the community. Advertising will be limited to community approvals so no worries we are not going to allow uncontrolled advertising. If you want to purchase tokens to sell to others you are free to do so. Token purchases are available upon request.



First you need an address. No not a street address. You need a blockchain address. If someone tells you they are using blockchain and do not have an address well then they are not using blockchain or they have no control over their own data.

Second thing you need is some tokens. Our tokens buy you a chirp, tweet, post, submit, signing whatever you want to call it. Our basic token is called a brick. If you sign up today we will send you free bricks. It costs one brick to sign a post and it will be in the blockchain forever so do not ask us or anyone else to try and delete it because we simply can not delete or change anything.

So lets buy some bricks and get on with it. How much? Right now there are two parties who determine costs. SlapStick and the community will determine the cost of a brick. Bricks ar free right now but why will it not be completely free in the future? Well there are many reasons but the main thing is the only way this works is if developers get paid to keep building and growing the platform. Otherwise no one is going to work or mine for free and this experiment will just die off like 99% of crypto vaporware and blockchain ventures.


Now how do I log in? There is no log in. It’s a blockchain so why would anyone log in that’s just rediculous. You will have just your keystore file and your password that’s it. Your Keystore file is used to create and sign messages and documents. The blockchain knows who you are based on your keystore file and it is impossible for anyone else to post a message belonging to the key holder unless they somehow steal the private key or hack a keystore file. Both are highly unlikely if you keep your Keystore file safe. Clients will simply use our online console to manage all account features.



Still not sure what this is? Click on the little Chat box bottom left of your screen and ask the developers a question.

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