SlapStick is a decentralized blockchain chat, stream, blog and contract platform. Slapstick is an anonymous decentralized peer-to-peer online news and social networking site where people can communicate in short messages using blockchain. The community will build nodes, contribute to development and make decisions on how the content is broadcasted. In return the community can be compensated for their contributions.

Our development team is part of the ‚ÄúDecentralize Everything‚ÄĚ movement. Our platform allows users to post messages without using a central server and eliminates a central corporate entity who controls content and does not distribute their profits to the community and developers.

So why is cutting out the middle man beneficial? Well for one there is pretty much no way to shut down our platform especially when we let people post messages and make those messages stay forever in a blockchain. Does not matter what government, hacker, electric grid tries to shut it down your messages will still be here and never go away. No one can change, delete or modify the content. Your identity is your address which makes you anonymous. You can choose to reveal your identity whenever you want. Some will want to remain anonymous others will want the community to know who is behind the messages. Every message is signed by the owner of the private key therefore every message is essentially notarized by the account holder.

Sign up today and for a limited time only receive FREE Tokens. For those in a rush, the sign-up process will take about five minutes. You will have to save your Keystore file, print a backup copy of your public and private key and send us an account activation request. Straight forward blockchain stuff.

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