Facebook Bans Crypto Ads To Protect Their Own Network

When facebook banned crypto currency ads we realized this move was not because of the reasons they claim. They are not banning adverstising of crypto related ventures because of scams and fraud. They claimed that too much fraud in the cryptocurrency industry was the problem and they need to ban all ads related to cryptocurrency. But the truth is they are protecting themselves from blockchain growth. Centrally controlled social networking like facebook is threatened by the very existence of blockchain and they really have no idea how to stop blockchain from growing and taking power away from facebook. Blockchain will put social networking profits into the hands of the people. This is a reality they will be facing and it will happen rapidly. The only thing they could do is slow it down by banning all ads that threaten their very existence.

At SlapStick we are not going to ban anything because this is a community of people that will work together to build a blockchain network based on community consensus. We are all small businesses trying to build communities of small businesses.

SlapStick can and will control spam. This is an important blockchain issue that other organizations cannot control. If we do manage ads there is no doubt that people will try to abuse the system and make it unusable. Spam is not something we can ignore and it will be managed. A few ads are tolerable but too many would make things down right annoying and no one will want to use the platform. We have built into our blockchain rules that will manage these problems and keep the community happy.



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