Partners can join our network and profit share. Tokens are issued on a usage basis. For example to create a contract you will spend a certain number of tokens. Usage of our blockchain is on a pay as you go plan. Clients who use our platform more will pay more. Clients who store more data will pay a little more. Clients who only use the platform for short messages, short contracts and do not use the platform to often will pay a lot less.

Lets take another example. You are a lawyer firm who has started using our platform and you have also been accepted as one of our partners. Initially you will be issued free tokens to test our platform and give us feedback. When the trial period is over then you will purchase tokens from us so you can continue to use the platform. You can create contracts, post immutable messages or perform other functions and features. If one of your clients needs to sign a contract then they will be issued tokens for signing purposes. Since you are a partner you can issue these tokens to them at whatever cost you like as long as we agree together as a group what your token prices will be. This is one way parners can not only benefit from using our platform but can also profit share.

To become a partner there will be certain criteria that will be required. Partners need to embrace the technology, learn the technology and be available for support questions from other potential partners. Partners will test and use the platform and give us constant feedback. Partners will abide the the community rules as to value of tokens and abide by mining and transaction approval rules. Partners are to be trusted members of this blockchain community.