A slapstick token allows you to do something in our network. It allows you to post messages, build a contract and sign documents. Without tokens you cannot interact with the platform. Tokens are represented as building blocks. For example SlapStick developers have layed down what we call the blockchain foundation. Its solid and cannot be changed. Tokens will be awarded to miners, contributors, partners and advertisers who add value to the SlapStick community.

Users can buy bricks, blocks, wood and other tokens. We will keep offering different tokens with different values to do different things. Currently our first token is a “Brick”. A brick is used to post a message or submit a form and we send users free bricks if they sign up today. Bricks can be sent to other users without posting a message and will not cost anything to send. You can charge other users to receive your tokens or you can send them favors or free tokens. Using the post tool you can post a message which will cost one brick token. The bricks are laid on top of our foundation and will continue to grow into buildings and eventually small decentralized communities. For organizations and users who want to buy tokens, they can be purchased directly from SlapStick.


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